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Use these download files if you are new to Express Maintenance and Express Request. You will also need a copy of Microsoft SQL.


Update your software

Update to the current version of
Express Maintenance and Express Request

PASSWORD REQUIRED: request password via support ticket

Express Maintenance: Software Release Notes



Express Maintenance

  • Added support for entering non-numeric Purchase Order numbers. You can now enter numbers and text. The existing auto-generation of PO numbers continues to work.
  • The Codes table has a new Codes Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Codes an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • The Companies table has a new Company Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Companies an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • The Cost Center table has a new Cost Center Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Cost Centers an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • The Services table has a new Services Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Services an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • Updated the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • Locations Tab – Added a new field called Report Group. This will be used in the future for creating consolidated reports.
  • Work Orders Tab -Fixed issue with services disappearing.
  • Units Tab – Service History Sub Tab: The grid was changed to read only. No changes on past items.
  • Work Orders Tab – Service Overview Sub Tab: The Technician drop down was sometimes showing employees who were not Technicians. The selection was modified to work the same as the Technician drop down on the Work Orders Overview tab and the Work Orders Data tab.
  • Work Orders Tab – The 3 sub tabs for Service Overview, Work Orders Overview and Work Orders Data had a filter problem when either the signed on employee or a Technician employee had specific site limits defined. The filter was modified to do a many to many comparison.
  • Work Orders Tab – Service overview sub tab: the Site drop down was not filtering the list of sites using the employee site limit list when set to <All>. The code was modified to limit the sites to the list the employee has permission to view.
  • After entering a request in Express Request where the user selected a Reference from the new drop down list (see Express Request below), the selected Reference was being overwritten with the request record number when a Work Order was created. The code was modified so the reference flows through correctly. A new read only control was added to the form to show the request number.
  • Company Tab – Adding an Address to a Company was modified so the user will not see data from a non-related item.
  • Parts Inventory Tab – Inventory Notes sub tab – Images inserted into the notes were not being saved. Changed the code to use the correct field names to fix this.
  • Rebuild Views – Modified to prevent an error on dropping the Last Invoice field.
  • Service Overview – Renamed the Parts column to Service Parts.
  • Work Orders Tab – Requests sub tab – The code was modified to display the correct notes in the grid.
  • After upgrading the Express Maintenance software the version number and Company data will display correctly without needing to restart the application.
  • Google Directions now works.
  • During an Upgrade of Express Maintenance if the user says they do not wish to continue the upgrade will stop.
  • Configuration Tab – Work Orders Section. Filter Services List by Category and Filter Parts List by Category are now set to Off as a default. Before it was undefined.
  • Configuration Tab – Work Orders Section. Charges & Auto Apply section. Auto Add Parts Taxable and Auto Add To All Work Orders are now set to Off as a default. Before it was undefined.
  • Fixed issue with the Carbon Copy (CC) option not filling in while sending emails.
  • Work Orders Tab – Corrected an issue with setting the completed date to what the user specified.



Express Request

  • The Codes table has a new Codes Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Codes an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • The Companies table has a new Company Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Companies an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • The Cost Center table has a new Cost Center Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Cost Centers an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • The Services table has a new Services Site Limit Filter. This is used to limit what Services an employee can view based on their Site Limit setting.
  • Updated the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • On the Data View tab, the Reference field was a simple edit control. This was changed to be a drop down so the user can select from a predefined list.
  • On the Overview tab, the grid column for Record Number was renamed to Request Number.
  • On the Overview tab, the Work Order button is now disabled unless the request status is All, Assigned or Completed. Other status do not yet have a work order number.
  • Modified the code to prevent a SQL error related to Employee Definitions.
  • Various memory leaks have been corrected.




Express Maintenance

  • Fixed issue with disappearing services on Work Orders.


Version 08/12/2020

Express Maintenance

  • Updated Notes on the Parts Inventory tab to be able to save images



Express Maintenance

  • Updated upgrade process to show only real error messages.
  • Update Counts has been modified to improve reliability.
  • Added Today button to all date selection controls.




Express Maintenance

  • Updated button controls to prevent issues with a mouse double click.



  • Updated Employee “Limit to Site(s)”, “Parts Limit to Site(s)” and “Requestor Limit to Site(s)” to support multiple site selections. Now you can specify a single site, or many sites or ALL
  • The new multiple site limitations by employee has been propagated throughout the Express Maintenance software
  • Site and Location information will now be displayed everywhere the limits are enforced
  • Fixed Work Order Concurrency Issue
  • Numerous software changes were made to make Express Maintenance more stable
  • For new installations, the default SQL Server password was changed to work with more stringent password requirements needed by Windows 10 and SQL Server
  • Updated the Send Email routines to support more Email Server types

Express Request

  • Added support for the multiple site selection limits using the “Requestor Limit to Site(s)” settings

Express Mobile

  • Added support for the multiple site selection limits
  • Change the search criteria to allow both open and closed items to be selected at the same time
  • Added a maximum search result limit of 500 items to enhance performance




  • Update User Interface to allow for larger font sizes
  • General User Interface clean up
  • Modified labels with Hub, Odometer and Daily to be consistent with Count
  • Updated the email components to allow for enhanced security and improved functionality
  • Revised the icons for all EM Products
  • Modified the form startup sequence to address Rich View errors



  • Attached To – fixed the issues when updating the Unit Name so it would reflect the revised Unit name when inserting or looking at existing or new unit attachments for parent-child relationships



  • Added the ability to add or modify Vendors and Manufacturers in the Companies table from the Parts screen by selecting “<Manage Companies>” from the dropdown lists


Work Orders

·         Required a Work Order to be saved and have a WO number assigned prior to being able to add Downtime to a Work Order.

·         Added the ability to enter a downtime value directly in the work order screen Downtime field without opening the downtime recording popup using the Downtime Data button. .

·         Inside the Downtime Data tool all fields are disabled until the dataset is in insert or edit mode.

·         Corrected the issue of selecting a Part by name or number that is listed in the Parts table more than once to apply the transaction to the part selected and not the top part in the list.


Express Request

·         Removed the Site/Location selection from the ER screen as the default is the Site/Location from the Equipment record selected. Should the user want to modify the Site/Location for the Equipment selected for the Request, it can be done in the Request Tab in the Work Orders screen   before a work order is created. That Site /Location will stay with the WO and be in WO History without modifying the Equipment selected original Site/Location.




·    Email Sender Password – Increased size of field to store encrypted value.



·    Password – Increased size of field to store encrypted value.

·    Email Password – Increased size of field to store encrypted value.





·         Fixed bug in Application Settings that was preventing theme properties from being saved and applied correctly.

·         Added password for ExpressRequest Web to Configuration.

·         Altered SQL to add password for ExpressRequest Web to Configuration.

·         Changed update code to only show the update form when database updates are required.

·         Add method to extract database metadata prior to updates.

·         Application Settings – Corrected problem causing wrong font size upon opening of the form.

·         Database Updates – Added additional logging and messages to update the user of the progress and more detailed information of any errors.

·         Database Updates – Moved the database backup functions outside of the main update procedure and so that it runs prior to any update code. Moved the database compare functions outside of the update code and separated the code to run pre-deployment and post-deployment comparisons.

·         Registration – Corrected code that was preventing the Registration form from being displayed when accessed from the toolbar.

·         Database Updates – Introduced code to query the default backup directory, check free disk space, estimate backup file size, and use the values to back up the database programmatically prior to altering the database with update SQL.

·         Database Updates – Added components to compare the database to a Master ExpressMaintenance database and create a SQL script to alter the database so it matched the model database.

·         Release Notes – Added a new form for Release notes and moves the current link to online release notes to the toolbar of the new form.

·         Updating – Added a step counter to count each SQL script that is executed. If an update fails, the step index is shown to the user the update failure message.

·         Notes Utility enhanced to reduce the size of notes stored in the EM DB to reduce overall DB size.

·         Email Sender Password – Increased size of field to store encrypted value.



·         Fixed “list index out of bounds” when viewing parts usage history.

·         Fixed wrong field type in Parts Usage History.

·         Work Orders – Changed the logic for automatically adding the date when a new work order is created from the Service Overview.

·         Cost of Parts – Altered all fields use in calculating the Cost of Parts to show five decimal places.


Work Orders / Requests

·         Changed the default date behavior for creating work orders from requests to match the behavior when creating work orders from service overview.

·         Corrected the date search parameters for searching for a work order by status.

·         Added code to make sure “<Manage Services>” exists as a service.

·         Fixed filter when adding a Priority for Requests from the overview grid.

·         Work Orders Overview – Add the ability to use Service as a search parameter, added a grid to show the Services for each Work Order.



·         Corrected code causing multiple entries in the user activity log.

·         Fixed Activity Log to record activities and display them correctly when using the filters.

·         Added a database navigation control to the employee so the access settings could be saved.


Mobile Applications / Mobile Application Server 

·         Added Table for Connection properties to allow them to be stored and deleted for multiple data bases.

·         Added fillable fields capability to the Work Order notes fields which used to be read only.

·         Added the field and functionality lookup list for WO Group that was in EM but not in the MA.

·         Added feature to auto email when WO’s are completed in the MA if desired, function disabled, will be activated in the next release.


Released 08/15/19

Express Maintenance (

  • Successful reconfiguration of Mobile App Settings



Released 08/06/19

Express Maintenance (

  • Work Orders and Services now work when a new Work Order is created 
  • The Configuration Table Display was fixed


Released 06/27/19

Express Maintenance (

Express Request (

Tax-related fields can now calculate up to 5 decimal places. The number of decimal places can be specified in the Configuration setting.

Date parameters for Reports have been fixed.

Downtime tool in Work Orders that was not displaying downtime on save of the record has been fixed.


Released 06/04/19

Express Maintenance (

Minor update for Express Maintenance release


Released 05/30/19

Express Maintenance (

Express Request (

Express Maintenance Mobile APP (


Express Maintenance

    • Date issue has been resolved “dd/mm/yyyy” for international users for Reports and Work Orders.
    • Date formatting has been resolve inside of Report Builder
    • Parts Analysis tabs have been fixed and are functional 
    • In this release, we’ve added the ability to specify the number of decimal places (2-4) for tax rates in the Configuration screen.
    • Error message “Connection to remote server failed” has been resolved.  The error message text now demonstrates a red font.

EM Mobile Client Application  (MA)

Down Time – Moved the opening of the dataset to a location in the code to assure it will be open when needed



Released 05/15/19

Express Maintenance + Express Request

1. Refresh button added to the Mobile App

2. Fixed attachment tab in Equipment

3. Logic corrected when a Work Order is deleted the attached parts are added back into inventory

4. The date format is corrected to work with either Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year to fix errors when creating Work Orders

5. Added the Calculations tab back into the Report Builder


Released 04/18/19

Express Maintenance

  1. Corrected the Adobe PDF writer issue. The Report writer no longer cuts off the first line of Work Order Notes text when converting to or emailing as a PDF
  2. The ability to turn off the Buttons for SQL Statements and User Activity has added. They are now options under Employee Access Settings.
  3. Inactive Parts will no longer show when searching for Parts in the Purchase Order table.
  4. Webhelp link has been updated.
  5. Registration screen has been updated.
  6. Several Work Order Report Errors have been fixed. “Error from this update”
  7. The Tax now goes to a maximum of 4 decimals in all Tax fields.

Express Maintenance Mobile

  1. A Refresh button has been added to each page that contains a list to update current lookup.


Released 3/28/19

Resolved screen overlay and sizing issue


Released 3/20/19

a.       Increased the size of columns from 80 to 100 characters to eliminate insert errors when data was greater the 80 characters.

b.       Masked email test password on email test form and added a Show/Hide button.

c.       Fixed the ownership field in the unit warranty tab. It was clearing when a lease term was selected.

d.       Fixed the inability to change Request email options in Configuration.

e.       Added Tech Notes to Work Orders


Released 3/20/19

Increased the size of columns ActivityLog2.OldValue and ActivityLog2.NewValue from 80 to 100 characters to eliminate insert errors when data was greater the 80 characters. Added column Defaults.UpdateServerParams to store encrypted connection parameters for the update server.

Remove create “etuser” from Configuration. The code was raising an error and was not  consistent with create “etuser” methods in Databases & connections.

Fixed code to get the SQL Version of the server in Databases & connections.

Began changing the update code to use MAS server.

Masked email test password on email test form and added a Show/Hide button.

Fixed the inability to change Request email options in Configuration.



Altered the SetViewCount function to now present the record number and number of records (example: 1 of 100).


Created a lower tab control and moved Services and Parts to separate tabs. Added a tab for Attachments with standard options such as select, open, etc.

Added Unit Number to upper section of work order with option to select by number or by name. Adjusted Unit Name and Number lookup components to work properly with one another allowing for lookup by either one.


Work Orders / Create Work Order

Added Time to the Scheduled Date prompt to allow for Date or Date and Time.

Adjusted to use the Requested DateTime on work orders created from Requests when no Scheduled DateTime is selected per requests from Gary’s list.

Added code to populate the AssignTo field of the request if there is no value and a technician is assigned at the time a work order is created. See item #4 in notes below.


Work Orders / Overview

Changed the Status list in overview from Scheduled to ‘Open’.

Changed the Status list in overview to include ‘Created’ as an option to search the date range. Added lookup field on Units table to include Unit Criticality field column in overview.

Changed the date fields in the grid to include DateTime rather than just Date.


Work Orders / Service Overview

Changed the column caption from Scheduled Date to Due Date.


Parts Inventory / Data View

Changed the Units tab caption from Units to Equipment. Corrected issue of the image menu button not functioning.


Units (Equipment) / Data View

Corrected issue of the image menu button not functioning.


Admin / Employees

Corrected the issue of the RecordNumber column not being properly linked to the data field. Corrected issue of the image menu button not functioning.

Changed code so that when new user access settings are created, Work Orders / View Pay Rates defaults to ‘N’ for no access. See item #1 in notes below.

Corrected issue of Site Limit and Site Limit Parts columns not being linked to data field in the Employee Overview grid.
This release fixes an issue with the Backups feature where the name of the Database was not getting saved and was causing a “Zero Value” error.
Updated Mobile Licensing to use new support database
General – Incorporates new version and features of Report Builder.

General – Imports 5 new reports used by the Mobile App.

General – New fields to accommodate the new Mobile App settings and licensing.

General – Update includes the new Mobile App Server software for communicating with mobile devices.

Administration / Defaults / Configuration – New Mobile App Settings section and fields for Mobile App Setup.

Maintenance / Work Orders – Corrected issue of one of the user defined service fields having the incorrect column heading.

Maintenance / Units – Corrected issue of older attachment hyperlinks not working.

ExpressRequest – Added ability to view notes of a work order services when viewing assigned work order.

Legacy Release Notes

Express Maintenance: Email Setup

Click for instant download:

EM Email Setup PDF


Express Maintenance
Update File | 09/11/20

Express Request
Update File | 09/11/20

The Mobile Application

Download the Express Maintenance Mobile Application for Windows, IOS and Android


Click here to request the mobile app on our support ticket form

Express Maintenance Mobile App
Windows Update File | 07/28/20

Express Maintenance iOS Mobile App
Marketplace Links | 07/28/20

Express Maintenance Android Mobile App
Marketplace Links | 07/28/2020

Please follow these steps to install and begin using the  Express Maintenance Mobile App.

  1. Click on the link above that is applicable to your mobile device.
  2. Download the app and install on your mobile device.
  3. Run the Mobile app titled ‘Maintenance’.
  4. The first time you run the app the Settings screen will appear.
  5. You must enter the Mobile Server, Mobile Port and Mobile Access Code provided to you by your system administrator. If you were provided a barcode version of this information, click the ‘Scan’ button and scan the provided barcode.
  6. Once settings are entered or scanned, click the ‘Connect’ button.  You will not be required to enter this data in the future as it is saved by the app.
  7. The app will connect to the designated Express  Maintenance Mobile App Server and you will be presented with a login screen.  If the app fails to connect to the Mobile App Server, first read the Mobile App Setup Guide. If problems persist, you will need to create a ticket or contact the MAS support team.
  8. Enter your login and password and click the ‘Login’ button.

You are now ready to use the Express Maintenance Mobile App.  Go Mobile!